Been Convicted of a DUI? Then You’ll Need an FR44 Insurance Policy

By September 12, 2011Blog

Unfortunately, we get into things that we never thought we’d be involved in. Sometimes, our transgressions are subsequently met with consequences we never saw coming, but in hindsight probably should have. After we make mistakes, we must do everything we can to either correct them or account for them. If you’ve been convicted of a DUI in Florida, then you obviously understand this. In order to account for your mistake, you’re normally required to file for an FR44 insurance policy. An FR44 is a three year insurance policy that addresses a higher liability mandated by the state legislature. Because you’ve been convicted of a DUI or DWI, this policy is necessary for you to continue driving. With an FR44 insurance policy, is what you can expect coverage to look like:

  •          Bodily injury liability/each person $100,000
  •          Bodily injury liability/each accident $300,000
  •          Property damage: $50,000

At Insurance Today we can help you in finding an FR44 insurance policy that works for you. We understand that things happen, and the only way we can make up for mistakes is to comply with the law. Our coverage meets requirement with owners as well as non-owners and meets Ignition Interlock device requirements. Don’t make the same mistake twice, contact us today and we’ll get you ready for the future.

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