If You’ve Been Convicted of a DUI Recently, Chances Are You Need FR44 Insurance

By October 7, 2011Blog

Let’s face it, mistakes happen. As human beings, nobody is perfect—in fact, no one even really comes close. As a breed we are designed to sometimes act on impulse rather than thinking things through. If you’ve recently been convicted of a DUI, then you understand acting on impulse. Unfortunately, you made a costly decision that can potentially affect you for some time to come. Because you now have a DUI on your file, you probably know that you need to start considering FR44 insurance. FR44 is a three-year DUI and DWI insurance coverage supposed to address liability limits that are mandated by the state of Florida. FR44 insurance in Florida provides coverage for:

  •          Bodily injury liability/each person: $100,000
  •          Bodily injury liability/each accident: $300,000
  •          Property damage: $50,000

Insurance Today is an agency that understands the implications of human beings. We all have made judgment in certain situations, and some of us are just more unlucky than others sometimes. Our agency is here to help you, not judge you, so by contacting us today we can help answer any of the questions you made. Don’t let your mistake fester into something bigger than it has to be. Supply yourself with FR44 insurance today before it’s too late.

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